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A 125 key keyboard that is programmed and ready to take with you on your next EOS Family programming gig. The perfect solution for situations without the space or budget for a full console!


Optimized for EOS 2.9!

cmd_key Keyboard

  • Optimized for EOS 2.9!!

    The cmd_key from High Output is a 125 key keyboard that is programmed and ready to take with you on your next ETC EOS Family programming gig. With a near identical layout to current EOS Family Consoles from ETC, the cmd_key allows users to easily switch from full-sized desks to portable or secondary ones, without having to re-learn the mapping of the keys. With “silent” Cherry MX Black keys that are mounted on a steel frame in a small form factor, the cmd_key give users a tool for when they do not have the space or the need for a full-sized console but still want to maintain the professionalism and productivity of having an EOS desk. The keyboard utilizes a splash of color to allow users to quickly determine which section they are looking for when muscle memory fails. In addition to a near complete EOS layout, the cmd_key has six pre-defined macro keys, as well as five snapshot keys and five categorical filters. With a built in two port USB hub, you can safely store and use your ETCnomad dongle as well as connect a mouse or other peripherals.