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cmd_key for EOS

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Optimized for EOS 3.0 and up!

The cmd_key from High Output is a 125 key keyboard that is programmed and ready to take with you on your next ETC EOS Family programming gig. With a near identical layout to current EOS Family Consoles from ETC, the cmd_key allows users to easily switch from full-sized desks to portable or secondary ones, without having to re-learn the mapping of the keys. With “silent” Cherry MX Black keys that are mounted on a steel frame in a small form factor, the cmd_key give users a tool for when they do not have the space or the need for a full-sized console but still want to maintain the professionalism and productivity of having an EOS desk. The keyboard utilizes a splash of color to allow users to quickly determine which section they are looking for when muscle memory fails. In addition to a near complete EOS layout, the cmd_key has six pre-defined macro keys, as well as five snapshot keys and five categorical filters. With a built in two port USB hub, you can safely store and use your ETCnomad dongle as well as connect a mouse or other peripherals.


  • 125 pre-mapped keys for ETC EOS control consoles
  • Familiar keyboard layout to the current ETC EOS keyboard
  • New STAGE key for Staging Mode introduced in EOS 3.0
  • Industrial grade Cherry MX Black key switches result in a fluid and silent programming experience
  • Sturdy construction built around a steel key frame for reliability and durability
  • Color-coded zones for easy navigation
  • Dedicated macro and snapshot keys for quick access
  • Built-In 2 Port USB Hub for Mouse and ETCnomad dongle(not included)
  • Pad-printed Key legends on keycap covers for easy reading in low light
  • Updatable – cmd_key can be updated as ETCnomad and EOS evolve over time.
  • MAC and Windows compatibility.
  • 2 year Limited Warranty


  • cmd_key Keyboard
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Manual


Keyboard Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 2"

Keyboard Weight: 3 lbs

Keyboard Voltage: 5v USB


cmd_key uses the "z" key for EOS Shift. In your ETCnomad Shell Settings, you will need to un-check the box for "Use Shift for EOS Shift" for proper operation.

EOS 3.x

cmd_key v3 is optimized for EOS 3.x, but the only difference is the swap out of SCROLL LOCK for the STAGE key for Staging Mode. Scroll lock can be activated from your PC keyboard if desired or programmed as a macro. cmd_key v3 will work with EOS 2.9.x with the exception of the STAGE key. That will not function in 2.9.x.

pre EOS 2.9

If you need to work with EOS 2.8 or earlier, please make a note in your order and we will ship you cmd_key v1. You can always update in the future with a simple software update from our downloads section.

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