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EOS 2.9 update

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

ETC released the EOS 2.9 update a few weeks ago and so we've created an update tool to address a few key mapping changes. With 2.9, the FADER PAGE and LEVEL keys have been updated. Previous to 2.9 (2.8.x and below), FADER PAGE did not let you press a second key, like a page number. This was due to the key sequence it used. ETC remedied this by changing the hotkey to a single key. Well that was the same key that was used for LEVEL! So in turn, LEVEL had to change as well. Now, what does this mean for you, our dedicated users? Well, if you plan to stay with 2.8.x, then you are good to go. If you update to 2.9, and use the FADER PAGE and LEVEL keys, you will want to update your cmd_key to version 2(v2) as soon as possible. We made it easy for you. We have a dedicated page on our site with all the info and download links. You will also find it in our downloads section as well as the info for version 1(v1), that originally shipped with your cmd_key. That way you can switch back if the need arises. This is all good practice as there might be changes down the road with future versions of EOS, and we want you all to be experts at it.

Below are the links to the download areas.

Thanks again for choosing cmd_key!!

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